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User-Generated content overrated?

An interesting short analyst on one of the big buzz words nowadays, User Generated Content, concludes that the believe in the subject is overrated. Thats not to say that UGC isn’t worth something, its an excellent opportunity for a few really talented people to get noticed. But the majority of regular media and web consumer don’t have the talent or time to create content. I believe that far less than 5% of the creator have what it takes to create quality content. One of the

The number of creators in contrast to the total amont of user, is in my view very low. Still the majority of users just want to consume, not create. That is not to say that the possibility’s to create content shouldn’t exist. For some its the perfect thing to be discovered. How filmmakers can use YouTube to distribute there movies or how people build mods for games, and get jobs cause there good!

But to believe that all users wanna be creaters is a bit of a overstatement. And the concept isn’t suited for for all company’s and industry’s.