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The hottest topic right now is WikiLeaks and the consequences of their recent publication of thousand of highly classified US diplomat documents. And according to the founder of WikiLeaks, its only the beginning. The next batch of document releases will be about big bank corporations, and it will apparently hurt. Well, its already started to take effect (If you look at the Stock prices for some of the mentioned companies).  No denying this have made an impact and hot topic on the news all around the world. While at the same time the founder is accused for raping a girl here in Sweden. He is hiding and only make statement over the web.

All over the world politicians and high position people is making statements, condemning WikiLeaks revelations and what is to come. Calling it illegal and

What WikiLeaks have done is to get their hands on classified documents and publishing them. The result will be improvement how similar documents and information will be handled after this. But will it be enough? It similar to the piracy dilemma. You have to balance protecting your product (information), and not making it to hard for your customers to consume their latest purchase. And not risking becoming the society from George Orwells 1984. A government that spies on other countries or its own people, would need an additional internal layer spying (supervising) the external spying department.

They have become an extension of journalism, taking it to a new level. I don’t say its right or wrong, simply observing and finding it fascinating how the whole situation is developing. Its good for the public to get the knowledge of our chosen representative are acting. But on some level there’s a risk of jeopardise the life of many people if to much or the wrong information is leaked. People who didn’t deserve to be exposed. A continuing balance between how much information should be shared or not. Where should we set the limit?

I think its good that we get to know if companies and governments are acting unethically or immoral. As long as they are given a chance to make amends. It’s not okey however, if the only result is hurting or damaging innocent ordinary people. Then you can ask the question if damaging relations between countries to the extent that there is a risk of war is ethical or moral?

What WikiLeak did wasn’t new, they only did it in a bigger more sceptical way. And it seems to have worked, reading and hearing about it everywhere.  It would be interesting to hear what the founder of Wikipedia things of the parallel using Wiki- at the beginning.  I think its very exciting to see what will come next, and how long the hype will last.

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