OffiSync = Good for customers

The other day I read about a new free program available (for free) online called OffiSync. A nice little program which enable you to connect your Google Docs account with Microsofts Office. So basically you can work on your computer in Word, you can save it up in the cloud to your Google Docs account. Which enable you to always access the document later, as long as you have internet access. Its such a basic feature, but yet so powerful! The ability to connect the most used offline and online office work package  is really useful, and really good for customers.

This program was created by a third-party company, with the same name as the software. Ideally, the two IT giants would collaboration them self. Of cause they want every single person on the planet to ONLY use their software/solution. To own the customers, but sometimes collaboration is better, for the end consumer!

Collaboration,something that I think believe companies often forget, can benefit the end customers more then they can imagine. With all the new devices, operating systems, social platforms and new software programs, the connection between those and the ability to transfer files, documents, information and other media fast and easy between them.

I would like to point to two great examples, DropBox and Facebook Connect.

DropBox is a cloud file saving service, were I can upload and store my files. Then I can access them any time either through any web browser or the DropBox client.  Got introduced to this service through a business contact at work. She showed me how she used it to access all her work files on her iPad, without storing all files on the actual device. A true killer-app that made it possible for her to actually work with her iPad instead of caring around a heavy laptop. And the connection/integrations with the iPad apps is crucial for this to work.  Now I use it all the time to send files from my work computer to the home computer, fast and easy.

Facebook Connect is a feature Facebook offer everyone to freely implement on their web sites / software and games. Take a web site for example: It enables users to “connect” their Facebook identity, friends and privacy to any site. Another example is StarCraft 2, or rather Battle.Net (its online network). It uses Facebook Connect for players to through their Facebook profil add friends to their friends-list. I never had to know my friends names or anything. Just connecting through Facebook and right away I had 20 friends on my account! And their is so many more ways to utilize this feature.

With all the competition out there in the market today, I think its better to focus on, what gives value and improve any service for the CUSTOMER! I mean, I have a lots of account to different services and it would be great if I could connect them better. To collaborate instead of forcing your customers to limit them to your service. Sure it might be a good service, but by thinking more openly and see the potential in collaborating, it can become great!

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