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Recommending new Game Theory site

Scott Steinberg is one of the leading Video Game / Technology journalist. With many news/review sites and a couple of book published, his record speaks for it self. Recently he launched a new great website called Game Theory with Scott Steinberg. Were he and many other industry veterans post analysis, comments and news what is happen in our interesting business. Along with the editorial text he also produces videos were he interview some of the biggest names, from developers to high executives. And in the latest video entry he discussed the changes in the digital distribution / social game market. A really good summary on the state of this part, were I my self work in. Go here and have a look and read.

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Unlearn your MBA

Think there really is some truth to this statement given by David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of the Ruby on Rails Web development framework at the Entrepreneur Thought Leader Lecture at Stanford (complete lecture below).  Schools and degrees are privilege many of us have to give us a boost for the success later in life, both professional and personal. Many people spend a lot of time and money to give this chance to poor people all around the world. Something many of us take for granted, to go to school. Here in Sweden its free to go to university or collage, while in the US you have to pay ahead for each term. They are discussing adapting this model here as well.

But an education can be many things, not simply an MBA. Its not always easy to get an MBA, but the more people getting them, more pressure to stand out. And often society / business evolves faster than the school text books. So basically, some educations are outdated when the students finish.Personally I felt that my real education started when I ended University.  MBA might be the start, but its not everything. The best teacher is life and learning by your self, by trying.

As David is speaking at the Entrepreneur Thought Leader Lecture he is directed to Entrepreneurs, and being that is not something you can read your way to. Not in my mind at least. I think its just part of you as a person. You might not have it from birth but it can come to you when ever. Many of the biggest Entrepreneurs of today (specially in the IT-era) were drop out. Even if they sort of finished their degrees afterwards. Like Steve Jobs and Bill Clinton. Some times the creating spirit is more important and powerful than your reading mind. Its always good to create a good foundation and basic understanding. But simply a degree won’t take you all the way. Its what you do besides that. I even got a couple of  jobs, not for my degree but because of all the things I did around by education. So I try to recommend everyone I meet to do as much as possible outside of just going to a program / class. Though its hard for many to early find their interested and what they want do and focus on it. And not all areas of work really require this type of thinking and devotion. But if you want to, push yourself to the limits and reach the skies!