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100 Million Facebook account hacked and leaked

This is really scary, how some hacker can get access to 100 million accounts on Facebook accounts and share them through torrent sites. Its really bad to do this, people need to feel secure that the things they post online can stay confidential and private. Facebook recently made it official their member number have surpassed 500 Million accounts! A very impressive numbers, and it seems that Facebook will be a platform of its own. A internet within the internet. With all the applications, features and connectivity they offer developers and companies, it must be a horse job to keep everything 100% secured and working. But still, 100 million accounts. From what I have understood, some of the problem arrised  from members not updating or tightening their security settings.

At the same time I feel that people take it to light what they post. And that I mean for online generally. Looking through my own Facebook feeds I see people posting tons of strange things and links. What botther me most are everyone who post pictures of their children. Its okey with 1 or 2, but all the time and constant updates on that their kids are doing. In some way I can understand some who want to post for family and relatives to get a view into the small ones life, but in my mind I would like my children chose them-self when and how they want to be posted. Some for of “Posting ethics and moral” need to be teached. People seems to still be suppriced when they loose a job, or don’t get a job cause the employer Googles the employee and find al lot of strange comments and images posted. Think before you post. It might come back and haunt you.

Starcraft 2 out!

By far, the biggest PC release of the year is now at hand and out. Starcraft 2 is all over the web right now, everyones talking about it and even better, are playing it. I picked up my copy yesterday, and have been playing now for two evenings. Its a blast, but takes time. I can’t recall how long  its been since I played the first Starcraft. And I am also ashamed to admit I didn’t finish the expansion, Brood War. But I got both now on a cool looking USB stick.

One thing I really must point out is the incredible package that is the Collectors Edition. I really feel I got value for my money. Not only the most cool looking Collectors box, but it included:

  • Art Book
  • Soundtrack CD
  • Comic book
  • USB with Starcraft 1 + BroodWar
  • And Starcraft 2 of cause!

So far I have only had time to play about 4-5 missions, and I thing they won’t be getting any shorter going forward. But what I have played so far is really impressive. Of cause its like Starcraft 1 with some new units, graphic and story. But some new features is here as well. Will probably spend many hours playing Starcraft 2. But only Single player, don’t have the time or patience to play multiplayer for a title like this. Althoug I must say that one neat feature for the social part was how the game can create a Friends list for you by simply scaning your Facebook account. Maybe a bit scary, but I believe it works great and we will probably see more similar features in not only games but other softwares and sites.

My Starcraft 2 Collectors Edition unpacked

My Starcraft 2 Collectors Edition unpacked

Stieg Larsson to be the first “Kindle Million author”

Very interesting! I knew that the books were big sellers, and really really good books as well. When I first heard of him was in 2006-7 while working on Gotland. Everyone in the office talked about this damn Stieg Larsson and how his books messed up everyone’s sleep. They simply couldn’t stop reading. So finally I picked up his books (as audiobooks I might add) and started listening. And I was hooked immediately! I had never read (heard) anything similar before, and even when we went travelling to Tokyo, it was hard to stop listen. Also got the whole family hooked as well.

And it seems that the success continues, even increases. The third and final book just recently got release in English and I recall reading somewhere people stood in line outside of book stores in the US when it was released! In the same league as a Harry Potter release.

So it don’t seems like that a big of surprise when reading that Stieg Larsson is the first author to sell a million copies… for the Kindle! The hugely successful e-book reader from Amazon (now rivalled by the iPad) have changed about reading and getting books. And to be the first to sell 1 million copies is something big! The best part is that its a Swedish author! Kindle and similar book platforms are here to stay, and its a privilege to have the biggest seller to be Stieg Larsson. So they made him the first member of their Kindle Million Club. Feels good to be patriotic sometimes! The only sad thing about this Stiegs passing and that he isn’t here to enjoy the success.

I am kindla interested in a Kindle, as a big book consumer myself. I wouldn’t want an iPad for reading, don’t really feel that it is biggest potential. With the screen and everything.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle