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DeView: Battlefield Bad Company 2

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Battlefield Bad Company 2

From the Swedish developer DICE comes the game that is suppose to give Modern Warfare 2 a fight. Of cause I am talking about Battlefield Bad Company 2!

A couple of month ago I recieved a Beta code for the PS3 as they were the first to have a Beta. Later as part of our pre-order those who reserved a copy got a Beta access code for PC. I joined that one and was very disappointed. The biggest thing was the mouse controlling, it almost felt like steering a tank. The other thing was (probably as the Battlefield formula is) that playing online was very different from MW2. Its as slower, bigger and harder to aim and get kills. With this to start with I had my doubts.

Now when the game finally is out it seems that DICE have improved many things and made a hell of a game. The aiming is what I wanted, smooth and fast. The opposition when playing online is still hard if not harder, but thats just part of the experience.

The singleplayer campaign was in line with the first game. Corky, just a bit interesting and just enough. Some interesting elements and some nice hints at the Modern Warfare 2 game. Burned through it in about 10 hours and had a blast playing it.

Then comes the big part of this game, multiplayer.The problem for me to talk about this is how little I have played online. To begin with was the release a disaster. I just couldn’t play online some days after release. For me it was okey because I had singleplayer. But I can just imagine how pisted the fans who bought it just for the online part.

Dispite the problem with multiplayer I will give it some time an try it out more. But it seems like DICE really pulled it of and game Modern Warfare 2 some competition. I recommend it definitely.

DeView: Darksiders



After hearing some strong recommendation from a friend about Darksiders and some good words online, I borrowed it and started playing. And I immediately fell in love with the style of the game. Even if the beginning seemed a bit chaotic and confusing control before getting the hang of it. It quickly became the second big surprise this year after Bayonetta.

I should be stated, this is basically God of War meets Zelda, in so many ways. The combat is a hack n slash type combining not only button mashing but also strategic thinking depending on your enemy type. All bosses have some puzzle element to beat them.

The post apocalyptic world is big and free to explore and once I finished it I went to hunt some more items and stuff I forgot to pick up.

The story, even if somewhat mundane do show some potential. I like the art style and just feel of the game. And the deep demonic voices of some of the characters you meet got me really hooked. Looking forward to play the sequel that have been rumoured about.

Even if I borrowed it, I will probably buy it later and play it again!

DeView: BioShock 2

BioShock 2

BioShock 2

After the first game its pretty hard to achieve something quite like BioShock. It was different with a great story and kickass atmosphere. Like a first person shooter it wasn’t as tight as one could hope. But it was okey, kind of a slow shooter. It took me quite a while after the release to actually play the game, but once I got into, it hooked me totally. After completing the game my expectations and anticipation for the sequel started to heat up.

But as the release started to close in I didn’t know how high my expectations should be, to not be disappointed. And now the result is in. I am NOT disappointed! Not at ALL!.

Immediately when the game starts I got a good feeling, like coming back to a place I got good memories from. The setting and atmosphere is exactly as in the first game, and that is one of the points why I enjoyed it. Its like nothing else out there. Its not as “revolutionary” as the first one, but that’s okey. One thing thats both a bit sad and relatively okey is how stream lined and closed the game is. In contrary to the first one were you ran between places all the time this go from map to map, without the possibility of going back.

The combat have been changed a bit too, but still true to the first one. Now you have the ability to using plasmid and weapons at the same time, without have to swap to use them. This makes the combat less frustrating and more fast pace. Though I played the PC version, swamping between weapons and plasmids were a but frustrating. I will play the Xbox 360 version later and see if its feels better, as the game pauses when choosing weapon.

Of the new features in Bio2 is the Multiplayer. I was really sceptical before about it and how it would work. I just played it for the Achievements and when I tried it the lag problem was aweful. It could work, but need some improving.

One thing that I found to be a bit strange was the difficulty. I started on Hard (which is the hardest difficulty) and never really felt any big challenge. I don’t want to think how easy the game most be on Easy or Medium.

Not many things have change or been upgraded with this second instalment in the BioShock franchise, and the story isn’t as rememberable as the first game. But its okey, cause all in all the experience is really good and I found it very entertaining and had problems stop playing. I kinda feel it lived up to the expectations that can be created. Definitely one of the best games this year. Hope to visit Rapture again soon!