Monthly Archives: October 2008

I’m “Helmehytte”… on Twitter

Okey, I have finally given in and created a account on Twitter, the biggest Microbloging site. After listening to many podcasts, were people talk about their Twitter experience (or addictions…), I decided to sign up myself. Also cause I like to know how new popular web phenomonon works. So today I signed up!

For anyone who what’s to add me, and follow my little life, my Twitter name is: (tahdahh!….) helmehytte.

Swedish artist make theme song for Swedish big budget game

One of this years biggest Swedish game releases, Dice’s Mirrors Edge have one of the best trailer-track. A cozzy chillout/electronica track that really contribute to build up the mood. I don’t think I’m alone wanted to know which song it was. But its clear that one of our biggest Swedish female artist, Liza Miskovsky will do the theme song for ME. Also the Swedish group Teddybears will do a remix on the theme song. Mirrors Edge will soon be released, and I’m planing to pre-order it really soon.