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Sony take advantage of Head tracking

It blew me away the first time I saw how this incredible smart guy used the technology in the Wii to create Head Tracking. And I stated that Nintendo is just plane stupid if they don’t start develop this further.

But it seems that Sony beat them to it. Recently on GDC the showed of this type of technology, using the Playstation 3 and Playstation Eye. It seems that 2008 will be the year for Sonys Playstation 3! Will they be the first to create a commercial product of this technology and make some good use for it? Time will tell.
I just hope this will be the year for Sony, not only cause I’m an old fan, but I also bought the PS3 and hope to see more great games on it! =)

Crazy frog!

I just had to post this video. Crazy Frog, one of the most annoying one-hit-wonder “artist” (in my view Piece of Shit!), seems to have disappeared from the stage. Thanks for that! But then my room mate showed me this, and I suspect that this is ether a spawn from Crazy Frog, or just him in real life! Its holarious!!

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Is the future Free?

One of all the books I read last year was The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. It was released in 2006, and was one of the best books I read in 2007. It blew me away and presented ideas that really fascinated me. The theories he presented have been with us for a long time, but he was one of the first to really document them in a good and entertaining way.

I’ve been waiting for some news about what he’s up to next, and finally! In a long article at Wired, he talks about the basic theory in his new book, Free. Where the concept is that in a digital world, eventually everything at some point will free, or as close as possible. I don’t buy the whole concept just yet, but I really looking forward to his new book! Unfortunately we have to wait til 2009 for it. Until then, for those who haven’t read The Long Tail, DO IT! =)

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I’m becoming a big boy?

Now I really starting to collect grown-up points. I’ve bought my first own home! A apartment outside of Stockholm, in Täby Kyrkby. The scheduled move date, or when the I get the keys is the 15th of April, which is soon. Ill post pictures later.

But this is a huge step for me, my first own home!

Home sweet home

Paranoid Government wants to play Big Brother in MMO

Now, I’m not the least surprised by this story… That the US government want to supervise the online world of videogame. As we speak they are developing software to implement in online games like World of Warcraft (probably this one first cause it’s the biggest game) to scan and profile the behaviour of the players. I bet what they really want is access to the whole shit (like conversations databases and such), but fortunately they won’t. They want to studiy the culture for those worlds to be able to detect abnormalities in the player behaviour. All this to raise the possibilities to intervene when suspicious behaviour is detected, to prevent future terrorism attacks or other scenarios like school shootings. Admirable as that may be to prevent those tragic events; I think the MMO are pretty much a dead end. Not to mention my strong objection against governments, authorities and corporate involvement with the online gaming sphere.

big brotherAs previously pointed out, I strongly oppose anything that have any what so ever resemblance with a “Big Brother” society. And in the case with games and online worlds, this new medium open up the possibilities for the player to chose his/her way of playing the game and behave exactly how he/she wants, without worrying what the consequences will be. It our free-zone, where we can relax, but at the same time the games and worlds have their own rules and culture. And as my friends pointed out: a big part of many of the worlds is to battle and kill monsters and other players!

At the moment I’m finishing reading Freakonomics, and one point that I remember is that our focus on what´s dangerous or harmful for us, often is wrong. Our memories, social conventions, norms and misconceptions created by the media often fool us to think rationally, maybe too much. But our rationality is based on our experiences, both in real life and what the media reports, the later often not entirely true. Our perception of the world around us is built on these two factors.

When it comes to worries and paranoia about danger and what could happened, we often trust our experience and rationality. As the author of Freakonomics points out parents don’t usually view a house with a pool more dangerous compared to a house with a gun in it, when statistics say that more kids die every year from drowning than gun fire. Again people focus on the wrong problem usually.

So what connection do I have here between our clouded rationality thinking & view on society and the focus on supervising MMO? Different worlds, reality escape and freedom! What I talked about above, that what is viewed as normal vs. suspect behaviour in real life have no correlations with the online worlds. In the online worlds, its inhabitants create the rules, norms and social conventions. Yes, today World of Warcraft is the biggest today, but new worlds come and go, and everytime the parameters evolve, depending on the players, the theme of the game/world and many more factors. When world don’t have “standardised” norms, conventions or culture, the work in building a “algorithm” on data from the biggest for automatic abnormality detection never ends, and always resets once a new world start. And people don’t want to be monitored! Sure, the medium can be used for real life conversations and discussions, which can include terrorism planning, but then again, they won’t get access to the personal conversations log. So the development is pointless! It just feel like a excuse to gain access and “control” over the new medium, the unknown and a place the government can’t control. It doesn’t help ether then media portray games and online world and focus on the wrong aspect. Why won’t the government realise that they can’t supervise and control every little fucking bit of our life!? Just leave us the fuck alone…!

Anti-videogame political governor contradiction

And once again, a political that condemn videogame (and music!? that wasn’t yesterday!). An old hag that probably just heard of videogame on from the mainstream media, usually when they report it in association with violence. They just won’t stop coming.

But this story I found really funny, which show their total ignorance. She condemn video games and music lyrics for their violent message, at the same time support her son’s violent and drug-boardgame for his creativity. She apparently helped him in selling and distributing  the game from her own home. Talk about contradicting yourself! WTF!

How much can (do) we trademark?

As one of the worlds biggest corporations you have to have perseverance concerning receiving critics. Google is now criticised for 2 things:

The first, concerning Trademarked keywords I find interesting, by the simple fact that’s what I work with every day. And the whole Trademark-subject is fascinating. I can understand the concern some company feels towards supervising their brand and caring for it. Not letting the wrong people buy it and mistreat it. But at the same time its in their interest to get as much exposure as possible (good exposure that is!). Its a tricky situation, cause the web have made the brand owner somewhat powerless of their brand, which is good! to some degree… I am in favour of giving the power to the people, and not allow the big evil corporations to manipulate us. Still, I’m very concerned to trademark everything I do (haven’t done anything yet, but maybe soon 😉 ). Then again, I don’t like that everyone is so fanatical to trademarkBusiness devil everything. A inner paradox in myself. Soon everything will be trademarked, words, air and water probably. And that should raise some warning signs!! Who much do we wanna allow?

The second news did upset me at first, but when I read it and it made some sense. I like the fact that Google forbid company’s to buy their way in to better search engine results. If you pay people/sites to create links to your site in order to improve your result and Google find out, they can remove you from their index. So far so good. But the problem arise when competing company pay sites to link to your site, and Google finds out and flunk you, when its not your fault. And that really show who fucked up company and people can be just to be the best. What a fuck happened to business ethics!? Company’s that try to work this way to gain them self should be blacklisted from the web totally if caught. No wonder that I get cynical towards companies and wily, slicky-sweet, lying, manipulating fucking costume business-people! And people think global warming will destroy the earth…

Eminem sells Swedish beer

Didn’t really know what to expect when I read this news, but after viewing the video I totally get it. Funny, simple and non-paid advertising that probably made the people at Åbro (“Ey Bro”) to celebrate, maybe with a beer or two. A great example when viral marketing works.

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1 year anniversary!

Today is the 1 year anniversary for this blog. On February 20 2007 I wrote my first post and this will be the 140th total. Once I started it hooked me totally and I spend much time searching the web and thinking to get inspiration for new posts.

Also the blog has gone through some development paces. I started the blog first on under the name Pixelekonomi (Pixeleconomy) and wrote my posts in Swedish. Then later, when I had studied Search Engine Optimization and learned the importance of owning your own content I moved the whole blog to my own domain. Later, after much thoughts, I switched from Swedish to blogging in English. Yes, I struggled with it in the beginning and still do, but it really feels like I’m evolving.

Many good things have come out of my blog, both my thoughts, the knowledge and experience how to work with this new medium, and also a lots of good connections with other people. And thats one big great part of blogging, making connection and to market yourself. And I hope this trend will continue. One things for certain, I will continue to blog!

Start a blog, why not?

Often I recommend people to start a blog. Not so much to write personal stuff, but rather as a Self marketing tool. The general response are very critical towards the blog phenomenon. Usually people equal blog with online personal diaries there people only talk bullshit. Many good Swedish examples. But I view blog only as the technology used to easy publish text. Its free and easy to setup and then administrate with designs.

Aaron Wall, the man behind, have posted a great video, explaining why anyone should start a blog, if your serious in your web business. Blog is a perfect tool, not just for companies but for people who want to market them self. Lets just hope that the regular media, advertiser and corporations aggravate the value of blogs by using them wrongly.

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