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“Apple is destroying the music industry with iTunes”?

This is a very interesting news which can be applied on the game industry to. According to Jeff Zecker, the chief executive of NBC Universal, the Apples price model on iTunes is destroying the music industry. A very hard statement and accusation against Apple. About a month ago NBC left iTunes with where music and tv-series, because Apple refused to change there pricing and give NBC a share of the hardware sales from Ipod and IPhone. The pricing is understandable to a certain degree, but a share of the hardware sale? Absolutely not! Why would they, its not like they help develop and sell the product. Sure, they contribute with content, but in my view that content ain’t a reason to buy the product, and how do you decide and justify that? What if EA, Ubisoft, Square-enix or Bungie demanded to get payed each time a console they developt for got sold?

And what I don’t get is this debate about pricing versus distribution channel. How many different types of digital distribution models have been tried and failed. NBC want more money, but Steve Jobs have the consumers interest and making them satisfied as a priority, something that should be NBCs as well. Consumer wants product to cost as low as possible, and iTunes have proven to work for selling and distributing music content. Today iTunes is one of the USs biggest retailer of music. NBC have switched from iTunes to a collaboration with Amazon to distribute there content. Jeff Zucker have often talked about the war against piracy and to develop new business models when working with the internet. And when they finally have a working platform to sell music and tv-series, they still aren’t happy, and just want more instead of listening to the costumer what they are willing to pay!

I can agree that the iTunes should get competition, cause monopoly is seldom good. But when the entire music and movie industry drive a witchhunt for “pirates” and just about any one that have been in the same room as pirate, Steve Jobs have a platform that works and have prices that people can live with. Still they aren’t happy or satisfied. And iTunes won’t save the industry from the pirates, but its still better there than being distributed through the illegal internet channels.
And that Apple is destroying the music industry with its iTunes and the business and pricing model is just a lot of bullshit! Its the first and biggest successfully music internet retailing platform. So NBC, stop being so fucking bitter just cause you don’t care about the consumer and just want to squeeze out every cent you can from them.

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Last weekend on Gotland

Its friday, my last friday at Gotland. Afterwork we’re gonna have a “thanks and goodbye” party with some of the guys and garls from work. Next wednesday my work here ends and I’m of to Stockholm.

The rest of the weekend is dedicaded to pack and clean out the appartment. On saturday my dad comes to take home all my stuff, tv, games, computer and everything else. I’m looking forward to rearrange my old room and buy some new furnitures.

Gotland Raukar

Assassins Creed gold, and Crysis demo

Finaly, Assassins Creed is finished and have been shipped to the presses and will be released on the 16th of november in Europe. Great timing for me, casue by then I’ve probably recoverd from the jet-lag after my trip to Japan. I pre-ordered the game with the limited edition box (of cause!) . After viewing the latest video trailers from the game my expectations whent through the roof! Especally after this falls great game line up with titles like Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare, Guitar Hero 3, Half Life 2 – Orange Box and Warhawk!

Assassins Creed Limited edition Box

Today (US time) the demo for the most anticipated game Crysis will be released. It certanly looks great, its a bomer that my computer don’t have the strenght to play that game. I simply have to wait til next time I buy a new computer.
Crysis Demo

Sega and GET take In-game ads to the next level

I’ve always been a little critical about product placement in movies and videogame (even though my final paper where about the possibiltys the gamemedium offers for advertiment). In general I’m sceptical towards advertising, and the real effects and sales it creates. For example product placement in movies, where the viewer (if not totaly braindead, sucks in and remember every little detail without a critical mind) have to actively remember the product or brand, and then later search it. I don’t believe this modell where the consumer have to switch medium and search the product to buy it.
In-game advertising is really overrated in my view.Sega Sonic

But Segas latest collaboration with interactive ads company GET Interactive raises the interaction between the consumer and the brand through the online space. The idea and technology GET Interactive develops is to enable the consumer to buy the products via online-enable content, for example musicvideos. The video becomes interactive and the viewer can stop any time and select the product they’re interested in, and basically buy the product in an instant! They don´t always have to buy, but can interact with the brand or product more easily and meaningful way. A demo of this technology can be viewed here.
And now they work with Sega, to incorporate this technology into future games. I don’t see how they gonna pull it off, or revolutionize the in-game industry, but it please me to see some innovative thinking. Not just transfer the same old concept to a new medium and expect it to work better just casue of the difference in recever-medium interaction.

Now the downside. If this disturb the contentconsumer experiense and create irritation. The consumer must be able to choose when and how they interactiv with the products. Maybe have the option to go back and backtrack to the product.

But its a great idea to make it easy for the consumer to be able to purchase product instantly when they see it from the musicvideo or game. Reminds me of the Apple and Starbucks deal to give iPhone and iPod Touch owners the ability to download songs playing at the nearest Starbucks over there wireless network. Another example then company try to make it easier for the consumer to buy the product in an insteant.

Microsoft bought shares in Facebook

Damn! I didn’t want it to happend, but it did… Microsoft bought 1,6% of Facebook, and with that amongst other things, the right to all the ads on Facebook outside of the US.

Some analytics believe that the deal is a huge risk for Microsoft, if they can’t make it into the next operatingsystem that everyone uses.
Whats bothering me, is all the information Microsoft get there hands on with this deal. I havn’t read what Mircosoft can or can´t do with there share, but I guess that they get access to some of all the information about the users. Especially sense this news about that the “contract” states, that every user happily say “Yes” to, but few actualy read! It basecly states that the picture and the information the user submits belongs to Facebook.

Say hello to new big brother: MicroBook and FaceSoft!

Wonderfull words for Bob Lefsetz how the principal of the Facebook/Mircrosoft deal could be applied on the record industry!

Santa, please, I’ve been nice!

Yesterday I sent my christmas wishlist to my family. This year I had big trouble to decided what I wanted. Sense I started working I’ve bought what I want myself. But I came up with some things I wished:

  • Guitar Hero 3 Playstation 3 Stand alone Guitar
  • New Graphicscard
  • Long sleves skirts Slimfit from H&M
  • Pyjamas
  • 300 (The Movie) on Blue-Ray
  • Get Rich Playing Games – Scott Steinberg
  • Final Fantasy VI – Gameboy Advanced
  • Bathrobe
  • Digitalvideo camera

So I hope I’ve been a good boy this year!

Unified platform – gamer/dev happniess vs. “open” market

Recently many gamedevelopers have spoken out, and believe that the future for games is one platform, contrary to todays market with many different platforms. One of those advocating a “one platform future” is Silicons Knights boss Denis Dyacks and God of War director David Jaffe.
From a consumer and gamedevelopers view its a great idea, with one platform that will improve the development process for the gamemaker, and not confuse the consumer.

But the thing I’m sceptical about is what kind of market it will create, where the only competision is between the gamemakers, and one company “owns” and have complete controll over the platform. It will lead to monopoly, that will result in one company that basicly controls and decides the whole market! That isn´t development, and I think it will harm the developers and consumer more than it will benefit them. One good example is the Mircosoft operatingsystem monopoly.

Its good with many actors on the market, its healty and they complement each other. People want choices, depending on that kind of player, person or finacial situation they have.
But what I would like to see more of is integrasion between the different platforms. The consolesmaker wants everybody to buy there console and its games and peripherals, but why fuckit up for the players to be able to play the game with each other over the Internet, no mather what console they have!?

“One platform to rule them all, One platform to find them, One platform to bring them all and in the darkness bind them”

Ps3 xbox360 Wii

In an interview with EAs Gerhard Florin, he talk about one future “open gaming platform”, where the developers and publishers can make one version of the game and release it one time. Instead of today when they have to modify it for each platform. He don´t see one console, but rather one standard! Better, but I´m still critical. goes “international”

Okey, I have now decided to start writing in English here. After consulting several persons and thoughts I finally decided. At least Im gonna try it out and see if I can work with it. It will probably take some time to get used to, so patience will be required. And my english isn´t perfect either, but that will improve to I believe.

I will not translate my old posts, sense I don´t have that time or pactience.